The Farm

Cascina Mora is a typical farm in the flat land close to Pavia, in the Lombardy region.

The origin of the farm dates back at least to the 16th century. Historically it was a property of various noble families from Pavia and Milano as well as of religious institutions. For almost a century the farm has been owned by the Savini family, that is currently managing it.

In the far past the landscape was characterized by cultivated fields, vineyards and rows of various trees. At the beginning of the 19th century a canal was built to draw water here from springs south of Milano. This made it possible to grow rice and to create watermeadows. During that century up to the middle of the 20th century, the farm had a variety of activities, such as cereal growing, cattle feeding, etc.

The Company

Nature by your side

Azienda Agricola Mora, the Company operating the businesses, was established in 2007 by Anna and Giovanni Savini, supported by their family.

From the start-up phase, diversification has represented the key value of the Company. In fact, after only two years new business lines were introduced.

Diversification perfectly combines with another shared goal: to help people rediscover a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. Therefore, all the activities operated by our Company share the ambitious aim of taking natural experiences as close as possible to daily lives and routines of people around the world.

Our products and services embed natural characteristics that have been present in our ancient territory and tradition for centuries. We believe that food, travels and education deserve a focus on what makes people happy and healthy.

Our current business interests are mainly concentrated in three areas:

We produce and transform our cereals tailoring our products to different segment of the markets and to different Countries. Moreover, since we believe in a integrated Italian diet, we also sell other natural products made by very small Italian producers that are placed closed to our Farm, in the territory of Pavia, and that undergo a demanding selection process.

In 2010 we restructured some buildings of our ancient Farm, partially backed by European funds. In the renewed part, in 2011 we opened an Agriturismo where we host clients and tourists coming from all over the world. In fact, we offer a competitive service in a location that is absolutely unconventional but is highly appreciated by our clients. We received by the Chamber of Commerce the Mark “Ospitalità Italiana di Qualità” and reached the top position among the hotels in our areas.

Our most recent business line see us focused in the education sector, from the broad experiences that we offer to people passing by our territory to a more specific project we are launching in 2016. Specifically, this very innovative and promising activity is addressed to families that are looking for a kindergarten where their children could learn while doing, touching and creating with nature.

Finally, since we care about happy and healthy people, we never forget to help unlucky people enjoy the same natural experience that we provide daily to our clients. In this sense, we do our best to support local Charity Associations with our products.


Anna Savini
Sales Manager

 Anna, 31 years old, is in charge of all the aspects related to Sales and Customer Experience. She is a very talented Medical Doctor and she embeds the core capability of our Company of being up-to-date in the health segment. She also assists our customers in their daily nutrition programs.

Giovanni Giuseppe Savini
Head of Strategy and Finance

Giovanni, 28 years old, holds a Master Degree in Economics and Finance and manages all the activities regarding strategic planning, new product development and finance. Curiosity moves his life and, thanks to his international experiences, he launched our brand in new markets.

Cristiano Lucchini
Head of Operations

 Cristiano, having more than 30 years of experience in the agriculture industry, runs the daily operations with a focus on quality and attention to details. Every morning at 5 AM he wakes up, feeds the animals in the farm and goes around the fields to check the plantations.

Zia Lucia
Botanical Science Expert

 Zia Lucia, a retired professor of mathematics, is fully committed to nature and plants. Being a scientist, she has a very experimental approach on plants, trees and different seeds grown in the Farm. Her advices and discoveries are precious assets characterizing the offer of products.

They say about us

Mia madre ed io siamo state nel vostro agriturismo recentemente. Volevo ringraziarvi ancora per la vostra accoglienza e gentilezza. Se ne avrò modo, ritornerò sicuramente. Avevo comprato il riso con la zucca…è davvero delizioso!! Saporito, ottimo. Una bella scoperta!
Linda Switzerland
Back in the Netherlands we want to thank you for the great hospitality, great food and also for the excellent information about the monuments to visit. We appreciated this enormously.
Hans Netherlands


Press Release

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