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Bianco da Bianco – Metodo Classico “Regina di Cuori”

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“Regina di Cuori” is a 100% organic and high quality white sparkling wine. It derives from Chardonnay grapes that grow in the Percivalle vineyards, placed in the heart of Oltrepo’ Pavese, close to Pavia. Every single growing phase is highly controlled in order to maintain a great quality in the final product.


Classification: Organic Vino Spumante di Qualita’ BRUT, Metodo Classico
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay
Soil: Medium mixture clay and limestone, 150 meters above sea level
Agriculture: 100% organic certified
Trellis: Cortina
Vineyard age: 25 years
Vineyard density: 3500 stumps/hectare
Harvest: third week of August, manual picking by hand
Fermentation: in white at controlled temperature, no chemical adjuvant is added
Refinement: 20 months on yeasts

Sustainability, a concept for today and tomorrow!

Organic agriculture puts the focus on the concept of health of people, animals and soil, as they are extremely linked and they become strong allies for a sustainable future

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